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I created an integrated research center.
There is no other research center like this one; if you do a lot of
online research, this is the only place you need to go. I was motivated
by several javascripts and sites I have seen. Usually those sites were
using 4 to 6 search engines, and you could use the check box to choose
what search engine you want to use and so on; or I have seen sites with
many links on different search engines and directories. All of those
research centers I have seen were not well organized, and most of them
were hard to use and navigate even for an experienced internet user.
So I created the simplest navigation I could think of and PremiumFinder.com
was born... PremiumFinder.com puts all the major search engines
together so the research is fast and simple... Find music, pictures,
movies, news, software, and much more, using only the premium search
engines and directories.



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