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Hello! I'm a student of Web Design University, and I'm offering  low cost Quality website design to build my design portfolio. I have been programming for about 5 years. I have HTML, CSS, JavaScript certification and web design certification. Also I earned a macromedia flash certificate from Macromedia University.

My Articles:

Windows Tutorial - So here is how I set up Windows XP for the best performance. (Windows XP Security, Windows XP Tricks,  Windows XP Set up for the best performance, etc.) 

Search Engine Optimization Tools - WebPage Size Checker, Sim Spider, HTML Validator, robots.txt Validator, Browser Header Checker, Server Header Checker, Keyword Density Analyzer, etc.

 Link Structure Strategy - 99% of links on your Home Page should be to your internal sub-pages only.

How to Compare Hosting - There are many web hosting directories on the internet; they all claim to be great resources.

SEO Warning - Don't optimize too aggressively. Trying to game the search engines is a never-ending rise of war.

SEO Resources - great deal of information to webmasters

 SEO Professionals - There are many thousands of companies and individuals who advertise on the Internet that they are The SEO Professionals.

Tags For Optimization - Title is the most important tag for most of the search engines.

The HTML Bug - Look at the code and you will see two hyperlink tags, and one of the links is shown as a text. WHY?

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