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About Windows XP Security:


Update your Windows and Internet Explorer

It is very important to update your Windows and Internet Explorer browser. You should check for updates periodically or have your Automatic Updates on.
Go to --> Start --> Control Panel --> System-->
and check the "Keep my computer up to date".
Windows has many security issues, and every month hackers discover new security problems in Windows or Internet Explorer (IE). Yes, Windows is a very buggy OS. You can get hacked just by visiting websites. The best thing you can do for the security of your Windows is to update it.
Download the latest security updates for Windows and Internet Explorer and any other updates you may need, like the latest MP player.

Windows XP Documentation Update Can Help You Understand How to Make Your Computer More Secure

Always use a firewall

I always use a firewall. I used to use the free ones like this one: http://www.zonelabs.com --(click on free download link)
It's very important, especially if you have cable or DSL running non-stop. A firewall will protect your computer from hackers and spy programs. There are hackers who can go through firewalls and download all your files
from your computer if they want to, but it usually takes time and effort, so ordinary individuals are not likely to be hacked by the professional hacker. However, in 2003 the US government, under the Bush administration, made a new law about internet service providers. All internet service providers must monitor your internet activity and
report it, so basically there is no privacy on the internet anymore. All your internet activity is monitored including email processing, what sites you visited, what you downloaded, and so on.
(It's a little scary, isn't it?)

There is a built-in firewall in Windows XP

I don't have much experience with how this firewall works, but I'm sure it's good (if you keep your Windows updated). Here is a little tutorial on how to Use the Internet Connection Firewall in windows xp

The hacker will only need your username

The hacker will only need your username and password to infiltrate your system. Go to --> Start --> Control Panel --> User Accounts--> Change an account. Choose the administrator and rename it. Also add a password.
Don't forget to disable the guest account. And as I said you always need a firewall. For security reasons I do not use Microsoft Outlook, and I don't use ICQ. Those two programs cause 90% of all computer attacks. From my point of view it's very unsafe to use them. If you receive an
email from unknown email address with an attachment, do not open the attachment; instead, delete it. Your email password should not look like this: 123456. Also, do not use any name or word from the dictionary; hackers have programs with databases of all names and words from the
dictionary, and logging into your email this way is easy, even for beginners. Your password should look something like this: q9wPR-yr54Wsx&mir0. Also don't keep your passwords stored anywhere in your computer; the best way is to remember it. Anyhow keep in mind that
there is no privacy online anymore, and everything can be hacked. I'm using one computer for the internet, and I never connect this computer to the network of my other computers with all my important files.

Always use antivirus; there are some free ones...

This is the best free antivirus on the net.  AVG free antivirus is better than many of the commercial versions from Best Buy and so on. This antivirus can be updated for free which is the biggest advantage of this program. There are thousands of new viruses every month; if you have a 2003 version of any other antivirus and you think you are protected, you cannot be more wrong. One of my favorite antivirus was Norton, until I had a problem.
Norton could not fix it, and I didn't want to pay for the upgrade, so I did a little research and tested several trial versions of different antivirus software until I found AVG. That was the end of my research. All you need to do is register and download the program. Then they will send you the serial number in a second email.

Spy scanner software: there are some free ones

There are some useful programs for cleaning your computer from spy programs; spy programs are usually used for commercial purposes like pop ups, homepage setting, etc.. Some free programs require you to run ads or pop ups, and if you use one of those spy scanners to get rid of the ads, the free programs usually stop working. Use spy scanner software such as:
Ad-aware: http://download.com 
(search for "Ad-aware" to get the latest one)
Spybot: http://download.com 
(search for "Spybot" to get the latest one)
These programs are free. I recommend using one of them.

4/12/2004 by Miro Hvezda


sujay --- Tuesday, July 26 2005, 09:58

tq for giveing information about the windows outlook.

pwemlsiowwh --- Tuesday, November 15 2005, 05:33

Is there anything in this world as FREE, what they get in return for a free delivery of Software???? Satisfaction ??? they are all viruses I guess........... or else there might be some axe to grind...........

Miro --- Tuesday, July 29 2005, 19:34

Yes many free programs you can find on the internet have those ad systems in them. It means you will see pop ups or search toolbar, etc. The programs I recommend on this page are well known and ad free. Those companies are offering free programs to build their integrity in hope to sell other good products.

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